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Have Some Deep Acne Scars And Too Embarrassed To Go To A Professional.

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Let me start off by saying I have such a beautiful face. I don't mean to brag but really... Imagine your favorite actor with scars everywhere - like Ryan Gosling. I don't look like Ryan but you can get what I'm saying .

I have some pretty deep scarring on the sides of my face next to my eyebrows - where my sideburns are. Some on my forehead as well.

Very small ones on my cheeks and the rest of my face is clear.

Are there any good products I can perhaps purchase on Amazon to help me look like Justin Bieber? I mean, my complexion is pretty good. It's just the scarring that fucks up my whole face, I can't stand it.

I've looked in to strong over the counter retinol creams, some Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay (lol). I would purchase a microdermabrasion kit but am too afraid to try it on my own for fear of messing up my face even more. Same with chemical peels - I hear these can be really good but I've seen kids ending up with some bad burns and honestly am too scared to do that too.

Any good lotions perhaps?

I've literally been doing egg white facials on my face every day and have noticed some slight fading after a few weeks - nothing major though .

I just want my baby face back. I need it back.

I have money too if that's a problem, I just am seriously self conscious about going to a dermatologist. I hate going to doctors period.

I'm not gay I just hate it. I also care for myself, if this is bad oh well.*Moderator edit - txt removed*. Please any help would be greatly appreciated as to what possible things I can do for myself?

I hear honey can work pretty well?

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Don't be afraid to go to a professional. There's a reason they're a PROFESSIONAL, they're not going to judge you, and chances are they've seen worse.

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You made me mad brother. You better off clean your ass than asking advice about your face. Seriously, you are ridiculous.

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I have to agree with the other posters. If you have the same attitude in life as in your post, then people are gonna hate your guts whether or not you have scars.

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