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I was having SGA treatments at clearskincare for moderate acne that always appears in the same spot. Sure it worked for the first couple of months but it's all back again. DON'T bother with it seriously! And the clinic doing them 'ClearSkinCare' is dangerous and they don't know what they're doing. Waste of money and it could ruin your life. Also I have pock scars on my chin now from the SGA. Pimples come back as 'open' raw pimples!!

Also if you read about my nightmare experience you can see the therapist at ClearSkinCare has ruined my ENTIRE face. It's not getting better but actually getting WORSE. It still burns everyday and more and more stretched pores and linear scarring like scratch marks (probably from the Pixel RF) is showing up. She has ruined my life!! I saw a dermatologist who was absolutely crap and looked at my skin for 10 seconds, handed me Aveeno moisturizer and Diane 35. Only person I trust at the moment is Sian and Dr Madalene Heng of Psoria Gold which I am currently using on my face now to stop the burning (hopefully reverse the damage).

Don't believe the hype and be careful with your skin, it's better to heal your acne with products or HAVE acne than damaged skin. Biggest regret of my life.

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Sorry to hear you bad experiences with SGA, I feel the same,I had the occasional breakout from time to time, I tried this treatment on a couple of pimples, and it did nothing for me, just the opposite, it caused a bad scarring on my face, it looks like a white head but it is actually a queloide scar caused by the zapping! then they told me I could have skin resurfacing after, are you kidding me? first they scar my face and then I have to paid to get it fixed? thank you Clearskincare! I wish I had my pimples back instead, and just let it clear by itself! The peels are expensive and too mild to be effective, their products are ok but they have too much junk in them. It has just been a bad experience overall. I was talking to this girl at the clinic and she told me she had at least 12 SGA treatments and her skin looked pretty bad, that should have sent a red flag!! Please do your research and be careful of this treatment. Do not expect miracles, if it works it will take a lot of treatments and after that more treatments will have to be performed to clear the scarring!

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SGA MADE ME GET ACNEEE!!!!!!!! If you are reading this i warn you if you do not get the same pimple in the exact spot each time then SGA will not work for you. All it did to my face is scar it and make it horrible. See a dermatologist and save yourself!

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My experience has been good, but I have had a cluster break out on my cheek this week so decided to document SGA day by day. 

The photo shows pre SGA (top L), 1 hour following (Top R), Day 1 and Day 2. Day 2 is real life is tiny scabs. 


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