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I Didn't Let Acne Control My Life.

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I recently met a great guy and we hit it off really well. At that time, my acne was relatively under control--though my skin is far from perfect. We spent some time together, but he was from a different city, so I decided the other week to come up and visit.

However, a week before I was going to leave, I had a small acne bump on my nose. I knew it was going to go away without much work, I know there'd still be some reminisce of it but I was okay & confident with it. But the day before I left, I had a much bigger bump right next to that one! Lord... I was praying like there was a drought for it to go away, but it was all in vain.

I couldn't not go because the tickets were already bought, so I just mustered up the courage to go and have a fun time anyways. I said to myself, if he is expecting someone with perpetually clear and perfect skin, then that's not me anyways, so this trip is just to see how much he cares about me and my personality, ambitions, family history, humor, and just... me, including my acne.

And you know what? That night, we were mostly in dim lighting so it was okay. Then when we went to the bars with his friends, he actually started to call me "hot," and continued like my acne didn't even existed. I was skeptical at first since I didn't think of myself as "hot" when I have acne, but then after the weekend and after seeing me in bright lights, he still holds my hands and kisses me. From there, I knew that this was a guy that cared more for me, and I accepted that he accepted me.

I wanted to share this with you to tell you that yes, I know my skin is not perfect, but I was able to meet a very attractive guy that cared about me about me. I didn't let one dumb acne spot ruin my weekend, and things went amazingly. I think what really helped me was my high self-worth and my accomplishments and ability to socialize with people.

I hope this story will help you in some way, and if it didn't, I hope it was somewhat entertaining. :)

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That's good to hear.

We think the problem is bigger than it really is.

For example sometimes I get some big red bumps in the morning and I'm like "ewwwww, not going outside today" but I have to because of school and things, and when I see my girlfriend she hugs me and kisses me as usual, so... she doesnt seems to put a lot of attention to my acne, and that's good, because I'm afraid when I'll see her, but then "poof" i feel good because she's good with me and... yep yep.

You need to know the right persons and acne wont matter. ^__^

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