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How Can I Lighten A Scar Fast

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I recently have got 3 acne scars

Very shallow, but the problem is that they keep changing color they turn brown or red if I put something on it it turns red, I think it's still healing I really just want my scars to change color to my skin color

That way it be easier to put makeup on with ought hiding the hypopigmentation,

It's a bit tricky layering makeup to cover the damaged skin

I want to change the color, I bought bio oil, maderma, cocoa butter, natural aloe verra,

And a cheap hydroquinone product called


But it just won't change when I put these it makes it look a little red but I wash it off

It goes back to a dark color

It's missing a little piece of skin,

Which I have to accept but worst part is the color will not fade to my skin tone

Any one know a good product that can lighten skin fast that works fast?

And how long it took to lighten

It doesn't really show what's wrong with it cuz, my camera is awful

But it looks like a blemish that's missing a little piece of skin, the picture doesn't do justice unless yr in person





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I'm gonna leave it alone for 4 days to see if thrs a difference in color

Although I think it won't really change a bit

I got it by doing something stupid I rubbed my skin too hard while on retin a because I was trying to make the scar more shallower stupid me, they weren't even that visible now I have this pigmentation that won't come off that's notisable in person

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