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Alcohol And Accutance

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I know drinking while on a course of accutane is a no no. However, I am taking an alternative route when it comes to accutane. I am only going to take 20 mg A WEEK. Do you think drinking is fine on that dose?

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Probably, but I would double check with your dermatologist. Mine told me that drinking very sparingly (like 1 or 2 drinks a WEEK) while I was on a normal course of alcohol was fine, so I am sure drinking responsibility on your course is fine as well.

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Alright I will check with my derm. "I have many patients who are on long-term Accutane regimens where they take 1-2 pills a week (more men than women, or women who are post-menopausal) to maintain acne control or seborrhea. It's about as toxic as drinking a single beer a week on your liver's functions." Thats a response from a Dr. online to somone asking if 20 mg a week accutane was toxic. It just got me thinking.

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There's is absolutely no correlation with isotretinoin and alcohol. The chemical properties of the drug are completely independent and will not increase or decrease its effectiveness, not will it contribute to any adverse effects on your body associated with accutane. However, this treatment does target a psychological component in the brain that can initiate and amplify anger and unhappiness. That combined with potential of alcohol can be dangerous. Just make sure to be responsible whilst having a glass of whine or the occasional cocktail, but definitely check with your dermatologist. He or she will know better than anyone.

Hope this helps!

Take care and have a great day :)

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My derm told me I can still have an ocassional drink. I will have a glass of wine or two a few times a week...or none in a week.

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