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Jojoba Oil Is Amazing! Anyone Else Had This Experience?

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I have been using a ready made acne treatment i bought that has jojoba oil, manuka oil and tea tree oil. It is amazing!!!! The jojoba really balances my skin and makes it so soft and not greasy at all and my puss filled acne and redness has almost vanished. Even my pores which were enlarged seem to be shrinking. Anyone else getting success with jojoba oil.

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That's great to hear I've never tried it but I have tried coconut oil that used to work great on me and kept my skin balanced as well.my skin now is bad and i don't know we're to start:(

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i love jojoba! i have tried many oils with the oil cleansing method and recently decided to start moisturizing with jojoba by patting it on after i cleanse or do a clay mask. i started that 2 nights ago and my skin feels great, i am not entirely clear but this is the first time ever i have no cysts on my chin and the clogged pores along my jaw line are decreasing

my monthly cycle is a bit weird and maybe i'm just getting lucky with hormones but i really think it's the jojoba.

i break out and dry out from coconut oil, it's very comedogenic apparently

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Ok I just bought jojoba oil and vitamin c :) always happy when I buy skin care products anyways I'm skeptic about going back on retin a since it broke me out horribly.plus my face in the meantime is doing fine I'm wondering if I can still use retin a like once a week? I still have annoying redness and I wanna use it for anti aging idk what to do:(

It's just since I stopped the acne medicine my skin seems alot happier. to retin a or not to retin a..lol.

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