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Hello all. I have been using Cleocin T 2x day for 6 painful, hormonal cysts caused by my new birth control. I used it for about a week with no problem and then one day it seemed like I had a <i>chemical burn</i> on the places I'd used it.

So, I stopped using it because it burned so much I couldn't sleep. Now, for the past 4 days, these areas have been bright red, burning, painful, and peeling. Oh, and they're *sorta* coming to a head - that is, when they peel, stuff comes out. Ick.

It's like the cysts are coming off in... layers (is this the normal way this kind of cystic acne heals?) I've been applying moisturizer like crazy, but it stings terribly when I put it on (it's Dove nighttime).

So, I was wondering

1. Has anyone else had this experience with Cleocin - is this a normal reaction to this stuff? Does cystic acne always heal like this? Should I have kept on using the Cleocin?

2. Can you recommend something soothing to put on dry, burning skin. I'm thinking maybe some broken-open Vitamin E capsules?

Thanks and *ouch*!!

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I used to use Vitamin E cream, found at Eckerd's or Wal-mart and just slather it on to heal my skin.

Good luck,


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