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Long-Term Cortisone Use Question - Will I Ever Heal? (Pics)

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Hi everyone. Without going into my whole sob story, I'll lay it out there:

I used a hydrocortisone + metro lotion on my chin daily for three years, per a derm's rx for what he said was perioral dermatitis, and upon stopping it a year ago, my skin has not returned to normal. If I use anything other than water -- even gentle, all-natural products, pure honey, or any type of oil -- I break out in perioral dermatitis bumps around my mouth, nose and eyes.

I'm at the point where I am only cleansing with water, which is not helping with the clogged pores on my chin, but I am more concerned my skin is not healing from the hydrocortisone use. As is, every day, it is red and slightly inflamed, but no dryness. I keep getting tempted to try new products that I think might help my skin heal, but I kid you not, every single thing causes my PD to flare.

Does anyone have any experience in this arena? I've read it typically takes 10-30% of the time the cortisone was used to heal, and I'm past that mark. I feel like I'm stuck in between a rock and a hard place, because "washing" with water does not alleviate the bumpy, clogged pores that are all over my chin, but cortisone use has made my skin so sensitive, it's water or nothing.

I'd really appreciate any insight. Derms keep throwing things like Elidel and some new anti-redness meds at me, but I'm more focused on actually repairing the damage that was done, if possible.

Thank you!

Pic #1 is my chin on a "good" day (minus the big zit) -- super red and inflamed. And that's when it's at its calmest in the am.

Pic #2 is a small flare up of PD, after trying honey on my face. I get the small bumps all over -- many of the small whiteheads weren't picked up by the camera.





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This article, which I found today, seems to have put a nail in my coffin:


It says daily cortisone use makes the skin more fragile and susceptible to redness, which becomes permanent -- as does the skin's sensitivity to any and all products.

Can anyone help? Has anyone experienced this? I've read some supplements, like flax seed oil and borage seed oil, can help repair the skin's barrier function. Does anyone know of anything else? I don't even know if they will help, though... the article says it's permanent.

I'm really worried. Can anyone help?

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