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Doctor Is Not Familiar With Accutane - He Chose Not To Up My Dose After 6 Successful Weeks?

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I'm pleased with my results so far, mild mild side effects. I'm on 30mgs twice a day. At my 6 week appointment today my liver function was the same, my results are good but definitely not the end results I'm looking for.

Will I continue to see improvement on the same dose after a longer period of time? What I understood researching Accutane is that you see results as you slowly increase the dose.

This is a small town general practitioner so he isn't familiar with the drug at all, did he just stall my progress??

I'm seriously considering just adding another 10mg tablet to the three I already take twice a day.

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you dont need to keep upping the dose. Youre at 60mg a day thats plenty and it will continue to work. The people how usually increase are the ones who start low like 20 or 30. No worries youll continue to see progress even on a low dose.

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Some people raise their dose throughout their course because starting at a lower dose can help you avoid a really harsh initial breakout. Skin doesn't heal as well on Accutane, so a really bad initial breakout can lead to scarring. To avoid this, many derms start people lower (20 or 30 mg/day) and ease them up to a more 'normal' daily dose, usually between 40 and 80 mg/day. At 80 mg/day and above, side effects start to become quite crazy.

There is NO reason to think that you are 'supposed' to keep raising your dose. This is nonsense with zero research evidence to support it. Staying at 60 mg/day throughout your course is what most derms (even big city ones!) would do. Your derm is not mistaken about Accutane dosing. You are.

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