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Hi everyone. I really do not know who to turn to and where else to share.. Acnes was never a problem for me until I entered university. Though before that my face tends to be sensitive and oily.. When I reached 18.i had a major outbreak.. I have tried facial washings with the beauticians but it just doesn't seem to get any better. I switched to another one but still the Acnes keep popping out. Before that I had cystic Acnes. After 2 years of tough battle. I went to the dermatologist. The first derma I went to only prescribed me antibiotics... It cleared up after a course but returned shortly after that.. Then I switched to another derma.. The second derma prescribed me roacctuane.. I have been taking 10mg roacctuane for almost a year and 9 months. So then I decided to stop because I know I can be relying on it forever.. During the course of treatment.. I do not have much Acnes but the blemishes left by the previous Acnes still remains and never seem to go away.. And now I'm 23 years old. I have quite all oral therapy.. I don't get any cystic Acnes. But I got the small Acnes with pus inside.. And my face is oily and sensitive. My face tends to look red on the nose, cheeks and also chin.. It looks as if it is still inflamed. Or the blemishes by the old Acnes. I'm not sure how good my diet control is. But I do avoid junk food and oily food.. Though I have them once in a month. And I make sure I drink plenty of fluids too.. I'm a very self conscious person.. Every time there's Acnes, I feel very ugly.. I don't even dare to look people right in the eyes when I'm talking to them.. I'll try to avoid eye contact if possible.. I feel so much better when Acnes go away.. Can someone tell me what I should do? I can't be relying on medications thru out my life and ill be going to UK to study. I want some natural remedies if possible.

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Hi there, you aren't alone in this :)

Have you ever tried going on birth control? It made my acne and oily skin go away (but it took a few months).

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