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Accutane Round 2

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hello, I would just like to ask of anyones experience of having acne for the second time,

I started getting acne when I was about 14-15 I never got help from the doctor until I was 16.

I stated on all the basic creams and pills and nothing got better,

I had pretty bad acne. not the worst in the world but each side of my face was full of loads of spots.

I had a mixture of small ones and big cystic ones.

I went on Accutane I believe it was 70mg a day.

I had dry skin dry lips dry eyes dry hands and ears a few nose bleeds. all the symptoms really.

but it cleared my face up. after 4 months or so. my skin was flawless, I always recieveed comments on how good my skin looked.

no blackheads or whiteheads. I grew enough confidence to take a performing course and hope to be an actor.

I could have all the movie makeup on my face and everything and never get another spot.

the oiliness was gone. I didn't have a think oily feeling when I woke up, I was a mirical cure and changed my life.

for about 2 years, just after I finished my acting course,

I started getting a few, I thought they would go away. it was one or two and that was okay everyone gets spots once in a while ?

then I started to get worse, more cysts and then seemed to just stay as a persistant moderate acne. I was getting spots in all over my face in the stupidest of places. right on my nose or 3 in a line on my chin.

completely ruined my confidence. and to a sence my life. because I didn't feel confident enough to be on camera or to a audience.

it all started back in September.

after a month of constant spots I went to my doctor. and got prescribed the usual stuff. didn't work.

i then was sent to the derm. she didn't think it was bad enough for Accutane and said to continue on limacine? or whatever it was,

i had been on that along with epiduo for a year and still no change. i took pictures to show ther derm when it got bad.

As i explained to her. i can be really bad and sometimes not too bad.

but i would always have whiteheads and red marks.

anyway ive been put back on Accutane. 60mg a day

the first few days i was hopefull. i started getting dry skin and nose. i felt they were working.

after about 5 days i had the initial breakout ?? got spots on my forehead, never got them there before. and they got worse on my cheeks.

in not at day 10 and still getting new spots. not more dry skin. oily face in the mornings. and feel im not having any side effects.

got a bit of a dry nose. and lips are a bit dryer than normall but that's it.

ive only been put on Accutane for 8 weeks. which i think is pretty short ?

she must think i don't have it that bad and it will be gone that quick.

ive been left with scars from the first acne i had, not to bad a few ice pick scars and some that are like slices. as if someone cut me with a knife.

not really that noticeable though,

i must say since taken the pills and exfoliating my skin looks more youthfull. hard to see behind the spots but feel younger,

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