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Cleavage Acne / Red Marks / Scarring


I have pretty bad discoloration / bumps in between my cleavage. I had a nasty infected cyst between my boobs a few years ago, and I believe this is partially scarring from that.

I tried applying a 2% Murad hydroquinone product that actually made the spot redder. I am hopeful that it is temporary as the redness began fading after I discontinued usage (and I did not discover this forum until today but now see that hydroquinone doesn't work on red marks anyway).

It is almost back to normal, but had gotten to the point where it was pink until I attempted the hydroquinone, so if anyone has confirmation that this might be temporary, I'm desperate for it, lol. Can't stand to think that 5 days of usage would ruin my skin forever.

Can any of you provide guidance on reducing the redness? Or what I should be doing on a daily basis? I already use facial wipes on my cleavage area. I have been using an oil-free moisturizer as well for the past 2-3 days (since discontinuing hydroquinone). Should I keep doing that?

The bumps do not bother me as they are not visible from a distance. I only want the skin to be the same color as my surrounding skin (which as you can see is very pale).

See attached image

FYI, it looks much redder in the light. Lmk if I should post another pick that shows more detail.



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