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Perioral Dermatitis And Acne...help Please! So Confused And Discouraged.

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HI guys,

So I haven't been to this site in a while as I took accutane about 2 years ago and my skin was the best it's ever been in my 35 years if life. About 4 months ago I started experiences these strange blistery bumps around my mouth and my skin was SUPER dry. I immediately went to the derm as something was not right and Yey for me! I have Perioral dermatitis. Luckliy I didn't wait for it to get out of hand and was given topical lotion and antibiotics. I am not done with the meds and my skin is clear but I now have moderate acne on my lower cheeks(probably from not being able to exfoliate or wear moisturizer). The problem is that with PD you just just use any old thing from the drug store or online. You have to be so careful with ingredients that it's maddening or risk an possible PD flare up which can end up looking like you have herpes all over the lower half of your face.

Does anyone have any suggestions on moisturizers and/or sunscreens with moisturizer? and Any suggestions on use AHA to exfoliate....once a week at night I was thinking??????

I currently use Neutrogena Gentle cream cleanser and the Dr. gave me finacea to use at night on my cheeks and forehead and during the AM I have clindymicin(?) because both can be used for PD treatment as well and will not cause a reaction.

Sorry for the long post but I am so upset and just keep sitting online all day looking up information that can't help me because most of the products I CAN"T USE ANYWAY!!! (Sorry)


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