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Continuous Breakouts On Right Cheek Only For The Past Year --Please Help!

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Please help.

For over a year now I've been getting continuous breakouts on my RIGHT CHEEK ONLY. I'll have several pimples make their appearance at the same time which leave behind brown spots that remain long afterwards. The pimples have traveled from my chin to my upper cheek bone, mostly in clusters in my middle cheek and scattered around my upper cheek. They are both whiteheads and red bumps.
I don't wear makeup or touch that side of my face or talk on the phone and I change my pillow case a lot.
I never suffered from acne in my teen years, even when I had a bad diet (I'm 21 now.) I would only get an occasional red zit around that time of month, but otherwise had perfectly clear, flawless skin.
About five months after the first breakout I started eating mostly clean (gluten free, lots of greens, ect) but with little improvement in my skin. I drink lemon water every morning and 6 cups of water a day. No results. I used to sleep on my back, but started sleeping on my right side for the past year, and am wondering if this is the cause. I've started sleeping on my left side/back again.
I've done a lot of research but can't find the cause of these breakouts. I've read it can be caused by overusing that side of your body, unhealthy lungs, toxic liver, the intestines, hormones, diet or allergies. Any ideas?
I've also begun to get breakouts within the past few months on my RIGHT SHOULDER ONLY. Nowhere else on my body. Just my right cheek and right shoulder.
If anyone else has dealt with this type of breakout or know the source/cause, please help. :)

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