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Claravis Vs Absorica Vs Lots Of Others....confused!

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Hi, i'm 23 and going to start Accutane in 4 days, well...Roaccutane as I am in the UK. Quick question though, I know there are many different brands that supply this, eg Claravis, Amnesteem, Absorica and many more. Which one is mostly given? Is there much difference between them? and will I get a choice of which one I want to go on?

I've heard Absorica works better as it doesn't require a high fat meal to absorb the Accutane so if i had a choice, i would probably pick that one.

Also, which one do you all prefer? I would love to hear your opinions and it would be very helpful. Cant wait to finally start my accutane journey.

Thank you. Any and all responses will be really appreciated!!

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All of them are the same except for Absorica which like you said the only difference is its absorbed better because it doesnt need to be taken with a fatty meal. I would prefer Absorica for that reason but they all do the same thing.

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Thanks for the response CWR24. I hope I can get Absorica. Do dermatologists generally give you a choice?

Yeah my Derm recommends Absoria but its alot more expensive so if you dont have good insurance he usually goes Claravis

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My dermatologist recommends absorica, because it doesn't necessarily have to be taken with a high fat meal to be absorbed. However, the other medications work the same so long as you take them with a high-fat meal.

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Thanks. As I am in UK, accutane will be available to me on the NHS so I hope they aren't reluctant to prescribe the more expensive stuff. I will push for it though. Going for my blood test tomorrow

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I got my first month of accutane today. The derm did not give me any different brand options for the accutane and said that they do not stock the drug by different brand names and only have the one generic tablet Isotretinoin. So thats what I am now on. Im not complaining though, just glad to finally have started the treatment.

Just taken my first pill and have started on 20mg a day for the first month which will be bumped up to 40 next month.

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