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Cystic And Pustular Acne Around Mouth, Chin And Jawline On Female

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Ive struggles with acne for 5 years that used to cover my face, back and chest. for 4 years i have been on a strong contraceptive (norimin) that has helped 80% of the acne and only during certain times of the year when the weather changes do i get small breakouts.

In australia its winter which is when my skin freaks out because of the cold. Usually it will have gotten used to the weather by june/july but I've had sensitive cystic and pustular acne around my mouth chin and jawline!

Ive researched many reasons for this which has led me to make several changes in order to prevent future acne forming such as cutting out majority of dairy, cutting down on sugars and generally eating plenty of fruit and veges every day. I also drink lots of green tea and another tea thats designed to improve skin, as well as a heap of vitamins that I've only just started taking to help with any deficiencies, or upset in stomach/kidney/liver (these parts of the body are said to link to acne if imbalanced).

I've been thinking about trying out the regimen and have read so many positive reviews but also some bad ones related to people with SENSITIVE skin. And usually when i try a new product my skin freaks out and i no that my skin may be going through a purging stage but I'm scared that the purging stage might hang around too long. my skins already used to daily applications of benzol peroxide so it shouldn't be too bad.

So if anyone has ANY kind of tips or information for me please tell me!!!


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