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Vitamin D3 And Magnesium Helped Acne After 3 Months

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I've had breakouts since May 2013 and it's almost like new acne will form on my chin, jawline and forehead every week. I'm so depressed since my former regimen (witch hazel toner with clindamycin) doesn't work anymore so I figured this could be hormonal and could only be treated with supplements and vitamins (although before that epiphany I still tried many drugstore toners and facial washes, etc)

I just stumble upon Vitamin D3 and tried it last February 2014, taking only 2000 IU every day after breakfast. It didn't seem to have immediate effect so I researched what other supplements I could take with it that might help. So, I read that Magnesium helps in the absorption of Vitamin D3 and I included it in my diet last April 2014, taking it before I sleep.

Not until May 2014 did I just see noticeable result, I have had lesser breakouts on my jawline which before was full of it. I was happy but was still not sure if this is for good. Well, until now, I'm quite clearer than before although I still get occassional pimples but not as severe. I would continue taking these supplements, its good for your body anyway but I'm planning to take Magnesium with Calcium. I don't know yet if I could achieve 100% clear skin with just these, if not I guess I'll try to add some more vitamins/ supplements.

It's Swanson Vitamin D3 2000IU and Swanson Triple Magnesium Complex that I'm taking to anyone interested If any of you are taking the same supplements and are not having immediate result, I say stick to it for about 2-3 months to know for sure if it's working or not. Also, I'd be glad if some of you could think of any supplements to add to these to achieve 100%.

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