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Accutane Diet Help?

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So my next derm appointment is in a week and I have a blood test this week. I haven't eaten any fast foods during these two weeks but I'm still afraid I've eaten a few things I shouldn't have. I have been trying to follow a strict low fat diet as much as possible but I still need a little help figuring out if the things i've been munching on will cause high levels.

Here are the low-fat foods I've consumed: wheat wheat + flax seed bread, whole wheat fat-free bread, baby carrots, organic chicken breast, white/brown rice, peas, edamame, cucumbers, bananas, oatmeal, a lot of white bread, egg whites only, tomatoes, eggplant spread, romaine lettuce, puffin's original cereal, almond milk, fat-free cereal, apples, pasta, salad, bulgur. I also drink 8-10 bottles of water a day and I take probiotics.

High fat meals I take with Accutane: an avocado, almond butter/wheat whole wheat + flax seed bread, tortilla bread w/salami or bologna & cheese, bacon w/eggs & potatoes (one time), 2 slices of pizza (one time). Sometimes I'll have one or two cookies/tortilla chips after I take Accutane if I think whatever I ate didn't have enough fat and that happens maybe once or twice a week.

Does this seem like a bad diet? Will these foods raise my levels? What can I do to lower levels in a matter of week (if that's even possible)? Who here followed/follows a strict diet? Lol you can tell I'm very anxious… So please feel free to share your experiences! Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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