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Need Help W/ My Skin!

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Hi guys,
I have come here for some advice on skincare, don't know if this is the right section to ask in though. I am 19 y/o and have been having some skin issues lately, I have mild acne as well. The problem with my skin is that it is not smooth as every other 19 y/o, plus it has these weird "holes" (pics attached) in it that no one else seems to have, and they're quite visible at a normal conversation distance.
About my routine:
- I eat completely clean, get enough calories usually (unless I'm extremely busy then I may undereat)
- Drink 8 cups of water/day
- Exercise, weightlifting but not a lot of cardio 5x a week
- I wash my face twice daily (once in the shower) w/ cetaphil gentle skin wash which works great btw
- I do not exfoliate as that has made my skin dry, nor do I use lotion b/c it clogs my pores (I have sensitive skin)
- Clean environment as well, if that matters (clean clothes, pillowcase, etc.)
My derm prescribed me 3 different types of medications (one oral and two creams) for the mild acne, but I thought it was too extreme so I did not get it. He also said that I inherited this skin from genetics, but my parents seem to have normal smooth skin even though they are middle-aged now. Not to mention these holes weren't even present before, and just appeared in the last month or so. Does anyone know how, or if, I can fix this and go back to my regular smooth skin?
Thanks for your help! :)


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I'd hardly think that you have problem skin! Haha but it looks to me like you just have larger pores! I would look up ways to try to shrink them and maybe use a lotion that tightens the skin. Even if you have to go and get a anti aging lotion :P just find out what products are best for large pores that won't clog your pores and cause more break out.

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Have you tried tazorac, some type of retain a?

That could help with yr skins texture

just don't pick while yr on it

If you want something to nourish yr skin

Try a lotion with bio oil in it or bio oil by itself, but for some ppl it might cause breakout but it's cheap like 10. Bucks just try it

Try leaving yr skin alone and just wash with purpose wash (dermatologist recommended) and moisturize

But if you decide to try something strong I recommend retin a even though u don't like to exfoliate

use a retain a and add a moisturizer to it

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