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How Can I Re-Hydrate My Skin?

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My skin has been a mess for months but it finally seems to be getting under control. My only problem is that I am so oily! My skin was always a bit oily but its seems to have become so dehydrated from trying endless harsh topicals to control my acne that it is in oil production overdrive.

My AM routine: Cleanse, tone (alcohol free), spot treat with BP and moisturize.

PM: Cleanse, tone, apply thin layer of BP to problem areas (forehead and chin) then moisturize.

I also use a glamglow mask 2 times a week it has a combo of acids (salicyclic,glycolic etc) to even out my skin tone and for blackheads on my nose.

What Im trying to ask is there anyway I can rehydrate my skin to lessen the oil production? Any suggestions welcome :)

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I heard hydraluaric acid is a natural substance in our skin that holds 1000 times its weight in water, and there are moisturizers that contain it. Other moisturizing ingredants are glycerin and triglycerides. I am not sure how to avoid a break out at the same time though.

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Ive been trying to get more sun but I dont know if its having any effect. Im trying to cut down the amount of BP Im using and increase hydrating products on my skin I think my skin will start to balance out now Ive cut down BP to once a day. (hopefully)

Im also looking into buying a hydrating mask but I have no idea if it will break me out.

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