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Should A Makeup Remover Be Essential Or Just The Cleanser?

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I just started using the regimen a week ago and I wear makeup so I was wondering if I should use the makeup remover that I've used for a while now or if I should just use the acne.org cleanser to remove my makeup and clease my skin?

I don't know if it makes a difference using extra products while using the regimen so will just using the cleanser to remove my makeup be better for my acne?

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What I've found is that silicones (which are in pretty much every foundation...really...look for any ingredient ending in -cone -conol -oxane or -silane) are not water soluble, meaning that most cleansers will not remove them. Since everyone started freaking out about oils, cosmetic companies went and replaced oils with silicones. Ironically you need to use a cleansing oil to remove silicones from your face :P

Lately I like doing a two-step cleansing system, where I first remove makeup with an oil (right now I'm using Napa Valley Naturals grapeseed oil, you can get a HUGE bottle for $7--just remember it needs to be refrigerated so stick it in your fridge) and then cleanse again with a normal cleanser.

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For my cleanser, I use the Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser and Makeup Remover in One. It's super light, non comedogenic, and oil free, so it removes my makeup and does the cleansing required no problem.

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