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Hi I need advice from anyone who has ever used Low-Ogestrel 28 for acne. Does it work, or is the estrogen content too low for it to have an effect? I've been using it more or less consistently for about 2 and a half years but it has made a minimal impact on my face.

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I've been taking low-ogestrel for acne for about 7 months to treat moderate acne and it really helped clear up my skin. I'm surprised because I've heard it's not the best birth control for treating acne. The first month or two, though, I took 7 days of sugar pills at the end of the 21 day period of the actual pill and I noticed I would break out a bit then (not as bad as the breakouts I usually have anyway) so my doctor told me to take the actual 21 day medication continuously for the next few months, which helped tremendously. I would talk to your doctor about doing that if you notice the same thing, medically there's no reason not to/no reason you have to get your period. Now, I'm back to using it for 21 days and then the 7 days of sugar pills and my skin is pretty clear. I do get the occasional pimple, but it's always near my lower jaw/my upper forehead or the sides of face rather than my cheeks (which I prefer) and it's barely noticeable and nothing that using benzoyl peroxide can't fix, I just am really bad about using topical medications regularly.

Anyway, good luck and hope you have great results with it, too!

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Sorry I just realized you said you haven't had the best results with it. You could talk to your doctor about taking the actual pill continuously but perhaps it would just be better to switch to a different pill since you haven't seen much of a change for so long.

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Lo-Ogestrel (generic) was the only BC that worked for me. I'm extremely sensitive to hormones, and possibly have PCOS. On Lo-Ogestrel I did experience a initial cystic breakout, but stuck with it and never had a breakout again for the 2.5 years I was on it. Maybe three cysts total. I did have some mild side effects - lowered libido, thinner hair, some water retention and recurring bladder infections - but my skin was clear, my mood was stable. After my insurance provider changed, I was put on LoLoestrin by a different GYN and it RUINED my system in a week - major cysts, bizarre panic attacks, etc. I went off BC completely after this horror, and my hormones have never really recovered. I'm thinking of going back on Lo-Ogestrel again since my acne has flared up from the hormonal imbalance.

This is just to illustrate that everyone's hormones are different, of course, and if you're not getting a skin benefit from Lo-Ogestrel I would try another. All pills are not created equal. Good luck!

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