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Chest/shoulder Acne - No Squeeze Challenge

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Hey guys, I've been struggling with chest acne for a long time and it really sucks. I've been working out a lot and receive many compliments on my physique but that fact gets ruined by my squeezing and touching. Sometimes I'll stand in front of a mirror and just press all over my chest with a blackhead remover, and it's totally not worth it. I do get a lot of puss out usually but the scars and scabs are much worse than the pimples were. I don't want to have scars on my chest for the rest of my life just because I'm stubborn and lack self control when it comes to acne. I'm on minocycline and my skin seems to be reacting well to it, but I just can't stop messing with it. It's like I'm addicted. So I figured I'd post this and see how it goes. I don't have a goal in mind because I aim to break the habit and never binge pop again. I'm only going to allow myself to pop 1 huge whitehead (if needed) or 1 obvious blackhead (again, if needed) per day. But hopefully I won't get either of those and I can just let my body heal and leave it alone. Any support or stories that you guys have would be appreciated. I'll keep updating this regularly. Thanks guys!

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I'll take part in this. I have some dark spots on my shoulders/traps and back.. Takes forever for the marks to fade.

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