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I have been using the Regimen for 5 months and it has worked wonders for my skin. I am almost completely clear. My only concern is the strange dry skin that people have when they use the regimen. I see it in the success stories and on my own face. It seems that benyzol peroxide leaves a strange slight redness and dryness on skin, causing it to look old and blotchy. Now I don't even use the recommended amount of benyzol peroxide, because it leaves my skin seriously dry and flakey, and using a little bit less than a finger amount on my face only at night keeps me clear without the excessive dryness. I still wonder though, what do we do about our strange looking skin? Of course, it is a million times better than a face full of acne, but I have always dreamed of perfect, even looking skin. Also, before I started the Regimen, I had a much clearer and smoother forehead. Now I have mini raised bumps that make my skin look blotchy. I moisturize with jojoba oil and the moisturizer that I bought on this website. I also use half AHA+ and moisturizer at night. Maybe I should decrease my use of AHA+? But anyways, thank you Acne.org for helping me get rid of my acne. I am so happy to not have pimples and whiteheads and cysts. I just wish that my skin was perfect.

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I am able to get away with half the recommended amount of BP. You can test it out if you can stay clear with less and go from there. Also, trying out a better moisturizer could also work. I find that the acne.org one is not the best when I want a lot of moisture.

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Hey the bumps could be from AHA, I was using too much and I started getting texture bumps on my cheeks but Ive cut down now and its a lot better than it was. I also dont use the recommended amount either because it was far too drying. I have only cut down though once I was more or less clear.

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