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Help! Skin Has An Irritation For Over 9 Months And Won't Go Away!?

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I'm pretty sure these are not pimples or from a normal break out. I've had this spot for over 4 months and no matter what I used, it WON'T GO AWAY! I've had a pimple here and there but this is ridiculous.

And with these...they hurt. They hurt when I'm just standing. They hurt when I am laying down trying to sleep and I can feel it pulsating sometimes. I've kept my hair up despite how bad it looks and still nothing changed. I am starting to wash my face with something softer.

I cannot trigger what may have caused this. I use to wash my face with pure 100% honey. It was fine. I then was forced to buy a Target brand honey that was a bit harsh and grainy [which is where I think this started from but I am not sure] . I bought the same brand but different kind - one that was actual soft honey and nothing changed. Could it be that brand of honey that damaged my skin?

I then bought a Neutrogena Acne fighting toner and once I put it on the spot it burned like hell. So, I knew that was not normal and I stopped using it. I was desperate and changed up cleansers everyday, which was probably bad, But, I wanna be honest to get the right help.

I've never had a problem with my skin and it seems the more I try to care for it, the worst it gets. I don't have money to see a dermatologist. It's has spread to the other side of my cheek as well.

I must add that these bumps/area gets really itchy at times. I've never had acne that itched before. My mother says it looks like an infection or allergic reaction. Also one popped and only water came out. Some of them are turning into white heads now. Here are pictures.

I really, really need help. I can't take this spreading, itching, burning feeling anymore.




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thats either your skin purging or initial breakouts from under the skin coming to the surface because irritation is usually dryness, oilyness, flakyness and redness. Whats your morning and night routine?

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It looks like acne. Acne is a funny disease in the fact that it can come on seemingly suddenly and it may be caused by one or many things. Choose one regimen and stick to it. Have you tried diet changes? Those are usually the easiest and cheapest to make. You can then follow that up with something like The Regimen from this site.

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