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Pimple Turned Into Blood Blister? [Pics]

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Hey yall,

So about 7 days ago I felt this big guy coming on. 5 days ago it became a raised bump, but I just thought it was a papule and just applied BP/moisturizer nightly hoping it goes away in a span of about a week like any other pimple. 2 days ago I began to realize how weird it was that the bump was STILL tender and didn't reduce in size at all (I had another papule elsewhere that came up around the same time and it's healed almost completely by this point). The BP was exfoliating the top of the pimple, but about a day ago I began to think it was too rough and switched to Tea Tree Oil so I didn't have to deal with the cleaning the BP residue (which irritates the tender pimple).

This afternoon I saw some major flaking on top of the pimple, and decided to use a tweezer to lightly remove the dead skin (all came off easy, no ripping). After doing so, I saw a very small "head" a bit to the side of the pimple (didn't look deep at all), and lightly pricked open the surface with a needle I sterilized with isopropyl alcohol. Out poured initially a bit of sebum, and then blood (dark red from being pooled there for a bit) started to come out pretty quick. I massaged the pimple gently to coax out the blood/fluid, and at this point it seemed way more like a blister than a pimple to me because of the amount of blood in there. The skin around the pimple/blister loosened a bit as it emptied.

After massaging out all the fluid I could, I put a bit of antiseptic ointment on the blister. There is still a bit of a raised bump where the pimple was. I'm planning to keep applying antiseptic ointment on it and hope it goes away in a few days, but I've never had anything like this happen before. Any advice on further action?



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