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What Do I Need To Do After 2 Month Of Treatment?

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I have been on treatment since 9 weeks I saw a really good results, but I still have some questions, I readed that the treatment will not dissapear the scars, and since I like to use makeup I will like to know until when I can use it and if do I need to stop using the treatment to use makeup ?

can I use the treatment only at night ?

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Once my skin had adjusted to the BP, I found that I would wear makeup just fine over the top of the treatment (just had to wait a bit longer for the moisturiser to soak in before applying foundation).

As for whether you can apply the treatment just once a day, its different for everyone. Once I was clear for a few months I started to reduce the amount of BP I applied until eventually I was down to just applying it at night (this took quite a few months) and I remained clear (although no longer perfectly clear - I started to get 1 or 2 pimples a week).

Just experiment and see what works for you.

Good luck :)

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Good to know and thanks for the advice!

now what kind of foundation it is good to use with the regiment ? I was using clinique before I started to use the regiment and I realized that the acne was getting worse and worse with that makeup, now I'm scare to use any kind of foundation...

And do you think it is good idea to reduce the treatment ? I mean if reducing the treatment I will get pimples again I don't think it will help to keep your face totaly clear then.

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