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Is This Even Acne?

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http://gyazo.com/ced04bc33c3e5985f2526caf19001228 might be a better picture

The above pictures areof my chest, and this is what I'm not sure if it's acne or not. The picture showed the "acne" fine on my phone but I it's hard to see on the picture. But what you're looking at are the bumps on my chest/stomach. They are skin color and do not have heads. There is a red bump and that is because I tried to pop on of them. The first time I ever got one of these I tried popping them and it worked, it squeezed out stuff like a black head.

How I think I got them: Last summer and even throughout this year, there were many many days where I went out and when I came back I just went to sleep without taking a shower. I used to barely wash my sheets as well.

This is what I think may be the cause. I have been monthly washing my sheets and scrubbing my chest with my face wash.


Though I don't know how effective it actually works, it seems to be making it a little better after a month of using it.


What you're looking at in this picture are the bumps on my nose. Those used to be pimples, but I guess I popped them incorrectly and now they're just bumps. But this was about a year and a half ago. Not sure what to do with these.

A 'bonus' question, on weekends I stay up really late like til 3-4 in the morning, way different than my normal sleeping schedule and I always wake up with a few tiny white heads above my lips that I can easily pop, it'll be red for the day but it'll be fine the next day. Is the sleeping change the cause?


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tried really hard to pop one of them last night and it worked. a long string of cheese like substance (like what comes out in a blackhead but a lot longer) came out, as well as a hair. Are these ingrown hairs? I thought ingrown hairs are supposed to be red and should hurt.

Anyways, not having any luck popping anymore, what treatment should I seek?

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