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Keloids - Treating The Color Instead Of The Actual Scar?

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Hi guys,

So I've got several very noticeable keloid scars on my jawline :( and to date I've gone through a number of treatments to try to get them removed or at the very least flatten them a little - steroid injections, 5-FU injections, cryotherapy, dermarolling, silicone gel sheeting as well as a bunch of other creams/gels/oils/supplements. Long story short, none of the solutions I've tried have been very effective - the best one was cryotherapy, but the keloids ended up coming back (and they're angry!).

I'm at the point where there aren't too many treatments left to try (I'm considering surgery but not too optimistic) to reduce the size of the keloids. But recently I've started wondering about the causes of the color of the keloid rather than the keloid itself. I can't seem to find any good reasons for the red/pink color other than the standard reason that new blood vessels are created whenever a scar is formed (but according to this study "there was also an inadequate blood supply in keloid tissue" so not really sure if this is true).

So one explanation by The Jamu Shop (home of the famous "Ba Hen Ling" keloid paste) is that the red color is caused by enlarged blood vessels. I have no idea if this is the case (and there aren't any sources for this), but this is something along the lines of what I'm looking for. If the color resulted from enlarged blood vessels, maybe there's a way to shrink the the vessels and change the color, making the keloids less noticeable in the process.

Anyone have any input or ideas (or anything really)? Is this something worth pursuing?

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