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Need Help With My Acne (With Pics)

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I'm not sure if my acne is severe or moderate, but it sure seems like severe.

I'm on my 9th week of Differin(once every night), and Deriva CMS (during the noon).

I was also on doxy for the first two weeks.

I use Cetaphil Skin Cleanser and Facewash for Oily Skin which seem to be quite efficient.

I'm a 17 year old guy (soon going to be 18)

Over these 9 weeks, my acne has seemed to get better, and I hope it does keep getting better.

I have extremely oily skin and my forehead has always been clear, whereas my cheeks and chin break out very often.

I do have some scars and indents too (not very clear in the pic), and am considering CO2 laser for that.

My skin usually stays quite red because of this acne.

I also use a sunblock with Zinc Oxide and Titanium Oxide, and don't spend much time being exposed to the sun directly as I'm usually inside buildings.

I also feel my acne could be hormonal.

Any recommendations that could help me get a clearer idea of how bad my acne is, would laser help me, what can I do for this redness, anything I should consider in my diet, etc?

Here are the pics, best q





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Your acne seems moderate. If you're seeing positive and consistent clearing then keep on keepign on for at least 3-4 months. I would not worry about laser until you are completely clear of active acne for a considerate period of time. As for diet recommendations:

no dairy

no gluten

so a paleo diet with lots of veggies and some fruit.

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I just posted this in another thread but here is some helpful info on hormonal activity strictly in the skin:

"... acne-prone skin has greater activity of type-1 5-alpha-reductase activity, and non-acne-prone skin has greater activity of 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity"

These are enzymes performing reactions with testosterone, estrogens and progesterone strictly in your skin.

Tretinoin and other retinoids are known to boost 17-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity. And something new to add, Zinc Oxide is a 5-alpha-reductase inhibitor.

Your sunscreen's zinc oxide will help heal current breakouts as well as lessen strong steroid activity in the skin. If you could find a pure zinc oxide powder and mix it with whatever oil/cream you tolerate well, that would be best (jojoba is good). The zinc oxide will also lessen the chance of major scarring from current breakouts. The tretinoin will soften all of your scarring and boost collagen after 12 months of use maximum (I am positive). The titanium dioxide is NOT helping your skin though.

I wouldn't suggest any lasers or ablative treatment until your breakouts are totally healed. If you find Differin is not working after a couple of months, PLEASE try tretinoin and be patient :) give it 6 months.

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