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Head Tank For Deep Soak

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Hey all, I have occasionally lurked on this site for reviewing different products and methods. I decided to get an account and use this thread in order to share my progress with an idea I am going to try.

Acne type: Moderate w/ cystic

My Best Medications: Epsom salt topically and internally, and Sulfur Soap

That said, I am going to construct a head tank so that my head can be fully submerged in an epsom salt and water solution. It will be made from these materials:

-A plastic see-through bucket large enough for the head with a screw on top

-A hole in that top big enough to fit a breathing tube

-Cut out the base of the bucket and replace with firm,elastic rubber sheet (supergluing it to the outer sides of the bucket)

-Cut out hole in rubber sheet to fit the head through

-I will add a string to tighten the base enough so that it is snug around the neck (breathable w/o letting water escape)

-swim goggles


First I prepare a highly concentrated epsom salt solution. I set that aside then put the swim goggles on and my head through the rubber base of the bucket and tighten it with string around the neck enough that I can breath comfortably and still be water tight. I take off the top of the bucket and but the breathing tube in my mouth. Now I take the epsom salt solution and pour it in enough to fully submerge the head. Finally I put the top back onto the bucket with the breathing tube going through the hole at the top staying in the bath for 15-20 min, 30 if I enjoy it.

That's the general idea. It sounds a little intense but epsom salt baths are really good for the rest of the body because of it's proven ability to pull out infections, so it's a shame that the face which needs it the most should have to miss out. Epsom salt is also much more inexpensive than most acne medications out there. I will post pictures of the contraption when I get it working the way I intend it to. That said, if anyone knows of a product like this that is already out there please let me know.

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