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Hello, i just started taking accutane at the begginning of the week(40 mg). I am very excited for the end result, but can already feel some of the side effects coming in. What products did you guys use to help with the chapped lips/dryness of skin etc.? Also my face is starting to break out and hurt more then before, and my skin is begginning to become itchy. Is this normal? Thanks

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Yes it's normal to break out when you first start taking it. I have itchy/sore skin too but it's only started now and I'm on my 4th month of accutane. I also have a bit of dry skin and lips. I use cetaphil moisturiser and cleanser for my face, but I use la roche posay cicaplast pro recovery skincare for the the really dry parts, and aquaphor, Carmex and just any other lip balms really for my lips. These products have really helped me a lot! Good luck!

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Hi there!

Cetaphil is by far the best moisturizer to use at night. Their cleanser is great too. During the day, you need to use something with an SPF. I've tried every lip product known to man and I've found that Carmex and Blistex work the best. Apply them constantly. Dr. Dan's Cortibalm is great if you get angular cheilitis. I never broke out on tane, but try to keep the end result in mind. Accutane is a a miracle drug, and you will be so happy with the results!

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My skin itched SO SO SO bad the first week, then burnt almost like a sunburn. The second week my head started to itch like crazy and get super flakey. I'm on my third week now and things are much improved though the skin around my nose is delicate, I've had my first nose bleed and my lip skin has thickened up and feels like its dry even when it isnt which is probably the most annoying side effect. I use the DAILY WASH from Cetaphil not the Gentle Cleanse, they are two different things and I promise you the DAILY is much much better. As for moisturizer I use rosehip seed oil, aloe vera gel capsules from GNC which is basically aloa and vitamin E oil, and tea tree oil combined at night. In the AM I use a very very light moisturizer with my foundation and I'm pretty good throughout the day. My lips I haven't found my perfect solution yet but I generally peel the dead skin off and apply vaseline brand total moisture LOTION or lubriderm followed by Nivea hydrating lip care or Palmers cocoa butter lip balm. If I apply these by themselves it feels like I am putting a clay mask on my lips and letting it dry out. I also drink lots and lots and lots of water, 100 ounces + and I strongly suggest investing in eye drops and a travel size hand lotion to use throughout the day.

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