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Okay firstly, my face would get oily in matter of an hour or 2. I've used many products that friends and family have recommended but none seems to work. I've also went to a clinic but nope still never works. The i come upon this website, and i thought this seems legit because of the people posting their progress by using this website's product and stuff. So i've checked it out and thought wow ! This might just work for me. Unfortunately shipping prices would be a pain for me so i bought products that is within the reach here in my country. The regimen, steps all the way down to everythin Dan teaches on how to apply it to the face is exactly the same.(except a few changes i might explain later) so here goes the products.

Jan Marini Oily Skin Gel

This is essential for me for my oily face. Oily face is irritating even so if you're wearing specs. So far this does a great job. Although doesnt keep my face oily 24/7, it does it's job so that i dont feel so much oil now. The usage of this will remain constant . Meaning i will just use a half pump of this, add water to lather, apply to face an runse within 10seconds. Basic stuff. And also a word of advice, if any of you are against products with fragments, then this is a no go. Try using cetaphil instead.

Oxy 5

Yes i know this website doesnt recommend benzoyl peroxide 5% . But this works just as great ! And since this is 5% unlike here which is 2.5%...

Same thing, start slow, 1 tab on the finger. By the time you've reached 2 tab, stop ! No need for 3 tabs, i've done it, face flaking so much ! Just dont ! 2 tabs is enough. Same thing, pretty tandard stuff as well

Incase i've used the wrong term,

1tab -1/3 of the finger

2tab - 2/3 of the finger

3tab - full finger

Neutrogena oil- free moisturizer

Thus is an awesome product, isnt too oily and keeps it fresh enough on your face to not make the oxy too fry on your face as well. To me it is a real balance product!

It is a non comodogenic(spelling?) product which means it doest clog your pores.

A word of advice though. I've tried to stop using this but after 3 days signs of pimples start showing, my face felt tighter without the moisturizer so then i used this regimen again and all is well. Also means even when you feel a bump of pimple starts trying to show, by usin this regimen, the pimple will not develop and grow to become so red or zits. So far im okay with the conditions of the product. Im not too sure with this website's product, but i you ever feel the need to wash your face after using the moisturizer, it's like washing off the applications you've just applie and then your face become tighter. Not sure if it's a good thing to reapply but i usually just lear it at that(not that i wash my face everytime i just used my moisturizer, just that if there's a need to for whatever reasons you have) and if you sweat right after applying. Your face will feel so wet like its uncomfortable. So yeah thats about it.

Im postin this on my phone so i cant get any pictures of me with acne but i think this will suffice. You can see i have horrible scars here and there eventhough the picture is blurred abit. So obvious :o . Also if you cant see i actually still have zits during the time of the picture. The clearer pic is the current me. No pimples anymore. Just a few scars that might not be so visible. Not that bad. But i'll live with it. (:

Anyway thanks for reading guys. Do heed on the precautions i've mentioned earlier if you're going to take this up. Happy cleaning the face and strive for a flawless face. May the odds be with you !





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