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Covering Acne With Concealer

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Hey guys, so I got my balls together and went to the local sephora and had them get me some concealer for when I go on a date or go to interviews. I have acne marks spread over my cheeks, pimples aren't really there except for a few. she had me get murad acne concealer with salyzcidic acid in it, which I don't think with do anything. But whenever I put it on with the little brush it doesn't cover it up very well, and it gets flakey.. So tell me, is there something else I need to use like a powder or something to blend the concealer with my face? I want to make my acne look not so noticeable, but I don't have to look like I have perfect skin. Oh yeah a big one here... I DONT WANT TO LOOK LIKE I HAVE ANYTHING ON AT ALL! I would be more embarrassed with people knowing I'm trying to cover it up than going out with my array of spots.

Yeah I'm a guy. I want to cover up my spots, so what.

Any good products you recommend?

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I know dan uses Almay smart shade canceler. So i bought a little bottle and it helps me get the redness out. It does not entirely cover it up for me, but helps. I have also noticed that it does not make it worse and if anything helps dry out the acne. Probably will not work on your whole face, but until you get your answer you might want to try it. I picked it up at a local CVS for about 5$

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