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I don't even know where to begin, I have struggled with zits all my life, I've always been acne prone and oily skinned but a few months back I totally fixed my skin, I had no more breakouts and my pores got smaller and even my blemishes got lighter! If was like a miracle and I was so much happier and everyone said my skin was looking amazing which really boosted my confidence.

But then a month back my face suddenly began breaking out like mad and this time round it's so much more severe, I break out in huge sore red clumps that don't go to white heads around my cheek and I have huge zits all around my nose, I don't even know what's happened, I have a really strict skin care routine and I drink water etc but these breakouts just keep coming back like one day I'll have one check close an but the next day the same zits will come back in the same places.

It's really stressing me out and I keep crying too because I don't want to leave my house anymore, I'm 19 why should u have to deal with this all over again when everyone around me is done with acne :(

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I know how having acne after a certain age can make you feel alone, but I assure you, you're really not alone in this!

Everyone here would understand how you're feeling completely.

I know it's easier said than done, but try your best to not think about it so much - try and find things to distract yourself. Keep yourself occupied with something you enjoy doing or have to do (for me, at the moment it's studying for upcoming exams :/ ). Make yourself get out of the house even for a little while each day - go for a walk / run - I always find that makes me feel better. Limit your time in front of a mirror as much as you can too.

Remember that there's so much more to you than your skin :) Yes acne completely sucks, but it doesn't mean we have to let it 'control' how we live our lives. We can still find a way to be happy and enjoy life despite acne - and we all deserve to.

It can seem like a never ending battle but have hope you'll get there / find what it is that works for you eventually. What have you tried doing for your skin? You could always go to / go back to a derm/doctor and talk to them - let them know how you're feeling and see what options they suggest for treating your skin. There's also a diet / lifestyle approach to consider if you haven't already.

Anyway, if nothing else, I hope you can find some sort of comfort / support in knowing that you're really not alone, especially not here. comfort.gif We know how it is :P

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I know how you feel this time last year my skin was more or less clear and I wasnt on any acne treatment then for some reason at 21 I stared breaking out worse than I ever had before. I know you feel like nobody else has acne at your age but a lot of people struggle with it past their teenage years so dont worry you are not alone.

What treatments are you using on your skin?

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