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Bad (Post Accutane) Skin, Love And Depression.

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Hi everyone,

I'm 18 (almost 19) and I've been struggling with acne for 2 years now (mild acne at first, but it gradually became worse).

I took a 4 month accutane course, which cured my acne. But now (1,5 months later) I'm still left with all the purple/red marks, I have some blue circles under my eyes (skin thinning I guess) and some minor impurities left on my forehead. Other than that my pores seem to have gotten bigger and my skin is still wrinkly (dryness I hope).

I've never really gotten depressed over my skin until now, this is my story:

I'm 18 and until 1,5 months ago I had never been in love before, reason being that I need to be entirely sure about a girl before I can actually love her. I still cared about my skin quality but I gave it time to clear up, because looking good for my close friends wasn't really a priority. However 1,5 months ago (the day I quit accutane) I met someone at a party, it was dark and we only talked for a very short time, so I'm pretty sure that she didn't notice my skin. A few days later we started messaging on facebook and not that much later I realized that I had fallen in love with this girl, she's sweet, nice, beautiful and over the past month I've really gotten to know her. And thus my race vs my skin began, ...

Next week I'll see her again at a party and I wanted to ask her out. The thing is that my skin hasn't really improved a lot, so I don't look great and because of that I don't feel great either. I'm worried about asking her out, thinking that this will never work because of my skin (she has beautiful skin btw). I'm feeling depressed, I literally don't want to do anything anymore, I've even given up on my finals because if this feeling. Other than that I also feel extremely lonely. No one in my family / friends seems to understand what it's like to deal with acne. I feel like I have no one to talk to, no one who can give me some advice,... So here I am, hoping for someone who understands me a bit and can give some advice about my situation.

Thank you for reading this,

have a nice day.

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Go for it. Nothing in life is worse than regret. If she truly is worth your love, she'll like you with or without acne. Wouldn't you rather have a girlfriend that will accept you on your up and down days than one who will only want to be with you when things are going great? If she says no, too bad for her but if she says yes......possibilities are endless.

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