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Busy Schedule When To Use Regimen

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Wake up - 4am

Work - 7am - 3pm

Get home from work - 5pm

Rugby training - 6.30 - 8.30pm

Arrive home - 10pm

When should I take the regimen I need help ??????

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I have a kind of similar schedule. Work all day and gym after work.

Do your morning regimen before you leave for work in the morning. after you get off and after rugby, rinse gently with warm water and pat dry (might be a good idea to buy some clean face towels to keep with you in your bag because you need to make sure you're using a clean one!) that's all that's necessary after work- you don't need to fit in a 3rd regimen at this point.

Then when you get home at 10 do your nightly regimen before bed, i usually wash twice for 10 seconds each if i've been sweating or to get my makeup off. Then glide the BP all over and I go to sleep.

I hope that helps, that should be able to fit nice into your schedule. The biggest thing for me was realizing I didn't need to do a 3rd regimen after getting off from the gym, i just rinse and pat dry.

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So when should I use the face towels and should I rinse my face with warm water ?????

I don't wanna sound rude but I'm not sure I completely understand the question..

Did you read up on how to do the regimen? You know you have to lightly pat your face dry after washing?... or if you're just using water in between regimens then you just rinse and pat dry with the towels, after working out- that's why I suggested bringing the towels with you.

And yeah, I always try to use lukewarm water, not too hot and not too cold.

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