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Hello everyone. I have been on epiduo, the oral antibiotic solodyn, and clindamycin phosphate lotion for about three and a half weeks now after a massive stress breakout, and my fourth week follow up with my dermatologist is in a few days. I'm so upset because I had relatively clear skin before I went through one of the most stressful weeks in my life, and afterwards I was left with a face full of cysts, white heads, and angry red pimples all over my cheeks and chin. I have seen seen some improvement with my regimen but there are just some groups of pimples and one large cyst that are taking forever to go away. All my other acne dried up and peeled off, but those stubborn areas are just really red and terrible looking. Anyways, for the past few days I have been having panic attack after panic attack because I'm so terrified to have to go out in public to see my derm. I'm afraid everyone is going to be looking at me and wondering what's wrong with my face and judging me for how disgusting I look. I'm also terrified that my dermatologist is going to see me and wonder what the hell went wrong and try to switch me to another medicine, which I would then have to get readjusted to and probably endure another initial breakout. I'm staying at my mom's house until I get better and I haven't left the house since I started my medicine, so I know that's probably making me go a bit crazy, but I can't bear to go out and be around people with my face looking the way it does. Also when I'm having my panic attacks I think about how bad my scars are probably going to be after my pimples go away, then I start thinking that my acne is never going to go away and all my thoughts just kind of race through my head and get worse and worse. Does anyone else get panic attacks and if so, do you have any advice on how to calm yourself down when you're having one? Usually I get panic attacks when I'm scared of something that I know deep down is never going to happen, but these attacks are especially terrible because I truly believe that what I'm scared of is going to happen. Also, if anyone is on epiduo, do things get better? I feel like I've been waiting an eternity, but I know it really hasn't been that long. I've heard some people say it took 2-3 months to really see improvements and that makes me panic more, because I'd really like to leave the house at some point this summer. Thanks.

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There is no miracle cure for panic attacks.

Let go of control, you are going to a dermatologist and taking medicine. The dermatologist has experienced cases that it gets worse first. Force yourself to go see him because it is important.

Seek distraction.

Avoid mirrors

Know it is going over.

Don't dramatise.

Stop thinking about it.

Do things you like and still can.

Look for distraction.

Seek some understanding / somewhere to vent

Wait for the medicine to work and know it takes some time.

Don't be ashamed of something that is happening to you, people often don't judge us the way we think they do

or else they shouldn't.

Hope for better days. That will come.

Try not to worry about scarring, it is no use now, that is something to think aboutvtommorrow

Having said all that, I know what your going through and it isn't easy.

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Well in the medical world.. there's always


Valium works pretty well too. This judgment of course is made by observation only. But i would say the clients having panic attacks, the ones that feel they are going to die, do pretty after after a shot of this.

By no means should they be used long term and are not a cure. Desensitization is a better option. Hang in there it will get worse before better.

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