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In the past couple of weeks my acne has been brought up in conversation a few times by my family because I had a big breakout on my forehead. It has cleared up well now and I'm back to just suffering from mild-moderate acne.

However, every time my acne is brought up in conversation around my Dad, he says "You want to get out in the sun, it'll dry it 'em up". I've told him several times that it does nothing and that it is a myth, and if he did a simple Google search he would be proved wrong. But he always says "when I was your age and I went abroad (to somewhere sunny), it cleared up". And so he won't budge. He acts and talks as though it's my fault. He just doesn't understand that it is out of my control. Whenever he talks about it now, I just ignore him but it still gets to me.

There's nothing that annoys me more than someone saying "Oh just do this..." followed by something simple, to clear up your spots. Don't you think I've tried everything!

This is just something I wanted to get off my chest, however thoughts on the topic are more than welcomed.

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My dad says the exact same thing! Im currently using BP then he says you need to get out in the sun after countless times Ive told him if I went out in the sun with BP on it would burn my face off!

I know how ya feel.

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My dad says stupid things like that sometimes. I have had aunties say this will work that will work. I've had it difficult with my dad when it comes to acne and scars. He was not happy at all when I decided to start my journey to treat my scars through private surgeons mainly because of the finance/costs. So yeah at times my dad does my head in :( He says my scars will fade overtime. I had acne scars when I was 19 and now I'm 26 with scars, so no dad you are wrong! lol.

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