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Guest GetMeTheResults

I've been looking at all the success stories of people on Accutane and I am crying my eyes out when I think about the trade off from the side effects.

I've been to about 20 dermatologists since I was 15, I've spent 9 years on tretinoin and retin-A meds, and now that I am 24 I have finally found someone who mentioned Accutane.

I've been told by dermatologists:

"It's probably just hormonal, birth control will work for you," "You shouldn't worry about it so much, those who really care about you would get pass through the acne problem," and "You'll have to deal with it for the rest of your life."

It's disheartening to go to a job interview and have the interviewer tell you that something needs to be done about the face as there would be a lot of dealing with clients.

It also sucks when people with perfect skin tell me I should just "wash my face with something better","use a facial scrub with microbeads", "try proactiv"... Yeah, you know what I mean.

So I've been using Duac in the morning and Differin at night for 9 years. Without them my skin gets really oily and cystic. On the rare occasion I've tried something different, like a different topical (Azelaic Cream), laser treatment (which worked nicely for a shot period of time and cost me a couple of thousand $$$), light therapy (which is really annoying because it doesn't work and I spent like half an hour a day just sitting in front of it), and I recently started spending crazy $$$ once again on really expensive over the counter acne treatment (Skinceuticals, all the masks, light exfoliants, antioxidant/skin brightening serums you can think of) and THEY MADE MY SKIN WORSE. What a blow! I felt so depressed I barely got the courage to go to class!!! I called my mom, a nurse, and I told her that she needs to find me a new dermatologist (since I'm away for college and there are none here) and soon enough I made an appointment with him! So glad I did!

I brought an oversized bad with ALL the over the counter expensive products/prescription meds and we went through each one of them and I told him how they worked for me. By the way, he's very experienced and the fact that his office is in a nice area near NYC doesn't hurt. He told me to drop everything and get on Tazorac 1% at night, Doxycicline 2xday and a 5% Benzoyl Peroxide wash for 2-3 months before considering Accutane. I also got on OrthoTriCiclyn at the same time with my gynecologist. I've always had a mostly clean diet as I did sports in high school and was a personal trainer for a while before college got too hard and I quit my job to focus on my studies.

It's been almost a month now and my acne GOT WORSE THAN EVER, I'm so embarrassed by it, I have a full drawer of Vitamins and Minerals and I'm wondering if I should take Vitamin A, C, D, E, Zing, Magnesium, Fish oil and start using the Blue Light before bed in addition to my treatment. I'm really scared of Accutane's side effects, but I've gotten to the point of GOING FROM DEPRESSED TO CRYING and I feel like I'll never be happy. I've literally shied away from so many people because of my skin, my confidence has really sunken, and I believe it has also affected my performance at school. Some days I JUST WANT TO SLEEP AWAY AND NOT SEE ANYONE. Going to class has been hard.

Oh yeah, forgot to mention that my dad had and still has bad skin, so it runs in the family. Hearing people tell me to simply "try proactiv," which is nothing more than a low-grade mixture of salicilic acid or benzoyl peroxide (depending on the product's "step") and some herbs of the sort like chamomile and witch hazel makes me really mad. Last comment that I heard was from my housemates friend who said that she drinks warm water with lemon every morning, because it cleanses the whole body and that I should try it too because it also clears up the skin. I said "Oh, really?" But what I really wanted to say is "Let me take you to my 3 drawers of things that I've tried and then tell me to use lemonade!"

I was told that upon the switch from Duac&Differin to Tazorax&Doxy&the wash the ACNE WOULD GET WORSE, but I had no idea it'd bring me to square 1 when I wasn't taking anything. Now that I'm fully developed Im considering giving Accutane a fair shot.... It's really embarrassing posting those pics on here, but at least I know I can talk to someone who is going through the same problem.

"We all die in the long run, but we can try to make things better in the short run."

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You may not want to add anything new to your regimen as of yet. The only supplement i would recommend is vitamin D3 as most people are low in vitamin D. What is your diet like (list detail items) With acne that is inflamed, it ay be worth a shot to go 100% dairy and gluten free or even paleo for 3 months (the same amount of time you should give your topicals). Also, start juicing or doing green smoothies. It's not guaranteed to help your skin but it will help your body get into tip top shape if you decide to do accutane. I am a 3 time failure of accutane as well as topicals and diet changes so i understand the frustration of spending money and time and not getting results. I'm in new york too! Where are you from?

If you ever need to talk/vent/cry/ehatever, feel free to PM me. Good Luck hun and know that this is NOT your fault and that you're not alone.

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You know what, I've been suffering from acne for two year already and in that period of time, I've tried a bunch of topical and antibiotic from dermatologist and until now, I still have acne. I actually feel like killing myself now. But i wont because I have to fight. I have God. its so hard to make sense out of whats happening to me right now and to all of us who's suffering from acne....but I know He has a plan. And feel free to PM me too if you need someone to talk to.

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I was afraid of accutane,and i also am now that i am taking it. Is your choice. You know accutane will at least vastly improve it,and you know it's side effects. Most of them temporal,few of them permanent. The odds are with you,but life decides what will happen with you. You could die from taking ibuprofen.

For me,acne literally changed me in two months. Cried,depression,anti social. Evaded my all life friends,didn't go to birthdays,parties,or even went out. Starting college with a pizza face was awful,i felt ugly,disgusting,different. It wasn't me. I went to having a clear face to uncontrollable and unresponsive moderate acne in 2 months at 17 years old. Tried differin,bp,erytromycin,retin a,minocycline even a cosmetologist (facials) in a period of 5 months. They were all short term solution,expensive and they all made my acne worse in the long run.

Accutane was a real tough decision. Spent weeks searching for info. It's side effects,horror stories,success histories,talked to friends who toke it (have to say that any of them had post accutane side effects,and they are perfectly healthy),to family,etc. But i told to myself... dude,you didn't go to your best friend birthday for you f**king acne..think about that... So after weeks of thinking,searching,being terrorized from those stories and getting cheerful for the successful ones,i've decided to go on it.

You have to know that Accutane is not a "just take it" treatment. It literally shrinks/close your oil glands while you are taking it. You can not expect to not have side effects from this. Of course you can be the god choosen one and only suffer from the dry lips.

As i already said. I'ts your choice. Acne was taking over my life,controlling me and changing me. I can't let that happen. And i can't think of what acne did to you in those endless years.

If u want to talk to me,or talk about accutane. Just PM me.

You can follow my log here.

Bests of lucks.

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Guest GetMeTheResults

Thank you guys, I can't believe it how understanding everyone is. Accutane's results start to show in 4 months, and the results from the birth control/blue light/a new topical show on average in about the same time. Doxycicline keeps my "purge" under check, supposedly, with its antiinflamatory properties.

I'm so glad this is happening over the summer and I'm taking online classes at the moment, but my housemate is kind of worried for me... I'll just put on makeup and act like nothing happened yesterday (crying, not wanting to talk, staying in my room sleeping).

My diet is clean- buy fresh produce, I choose grains over bread, don't eat packaged food...I was a personal trainer and now I'm following Dr. Weil's anti inflammatory diet. I started a blog with a detailed description of my plan.

Accutane would be a miracle drug for me, but it will start working in the same time period as other medications... What if I combine all types of medications and abstain from accutane ?

Currently I'm taking:

For hormonal flare ups:

-FDA approved birth control to treat moderate acne and according to a clinical study it's 2x as good as placebo


For inflammation suppression:

-doxycycline 20mg 2x/day

To kill the P. Acnes bacteria:

-Blue light 15min/day

- benzoyl peroxide wash 5% in the morning

To keep pores open and unclogged:

-Tazorac Cream 1% at night

Other proven supplements that I've researched:

-vitamin C, E, A, Niacin, Zinc, Multivitamins for women, Fish Oil

Things that I'm skeptical about, but will try:

-cut off the organic (no hormones, probiotic with live cultures and enzymes, grass fed cows) milk and yogurt that I have from time to time.. Cut cheese too

-buy Clinique makeup and throw away my Loreal

-buy a shower and sink filter

-change my pillow case every day

-drink 2 Liters (8cups I think) of water with lemon

-make smoothies with aloe vera plant

- follow dr Weil's diet strictly focusing on fresh raw food and abstaining from ready food, even if made with simple organic ingredients

I'll give it a 5 month trial period, because I'm willing to give Accutane 5 months if I must resort to it.

I feel that my approach targets every cause of acne (inflammation, clogged pores, bacteria, acne causing hormones), but it's only downside compared to Accutane is that it doesn't control the sebum production :(

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"GetMeTheResults",i just want to add that most of the time,for long time acne sufferers like you,i'm pretty sure that the main cause of it,is not on your diet or in little things like the pillow case,or not enough water,otherwise it would be already controlled (or at least reduced after 10 years of trying regimens and diet). So don't focus on this so hard by buying bunch of supplements,following super strict diets and that...It may help but you already know if it will after trying it for 10 years. I've only known 2 persons in this forum that "controlled" their severe acne with natural stuff,supplements and diets. 2 Persons.

For what i am reading,your main problem is over production of sebum right ? Unfortunately,that is an hormonal problem. I don't really know what exactly the birth control pills do (i'm male lol). But what i certainly know (from my derm) is that,if you have been suffering from over sebum production for so many years,it is more than probably that it won't stop,or will be helped by anything (it will be back if u stop using "x" product).

I'm not trying to convince you to go on accutane (it looks that you are already convinced,but evading it,i did the same thing). I'm just giving my opinion.

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Guest GetMeTheResults

Oh yeah, I'm fully aware that I will be on X, Y or/and Z product for the rest of my life lol, WHETHER OR NOT I use Accutane, because even if I clear up I must maintain it.

Accutane is such a nice emergency solution, but then I may break out again and have to do round 2 like so many people.

But if I decide to get on it it will be ALL THE WAY until I get clear, even if it takes 8months. My new doctor tried to scare me away ( hey, I give him credit for at least mentioning the medication unlike other derms I've been to) by telling me "You know, your hair may start falling out" and without hesitation I asked "How much?" To which he replied that we have to try and see. Then he shot another comment at me with the same purpose "But Accutane causes even deeper scars for some people than what they would have gotten without it. I had this patient..." and so forth, which scared me because I have enough scarring, but I will get CO2 as soon as I get clear so I don't care about additional scars.

The thing is I got somewhat nice complexion before I graduated from HS, which I believe was based on the usual regimen of Duac+Diffrrin, but I also got on Loestrin24 (just a regular birth control), took Biotin&Fish oil and I also dieted for 2 months or so with juices to look nice for my prom. Oh, I also did 3 rounds of FRAXEL laser which cost me only $2400. Those were my golden ages, haha.

So I'm basically doing what I did in back then, except that this time I'm taking a superior retinoid and birth control, I'll take more supplements, I'll use the blue&red light, and I will eat like a rabbit. It's finally time to put my expensive juicer to work.

By the way, last year I tried some AHA lunchtime peels at the old docs office and I got a stronger (TCA) peel at a spa, but I saw no results. I thought I need to keep getting treatments, so I invested in a a microdermabrasion machine, but after 2-3 uses I felt like it was doing more damage than helping. I wish I could do Some kind of a laser/light treatment, but they're so expensive. If I keep using my red&blue light regularly I should get similar results to 1 treatment of the professional machines.

I stopped going to the gym because I'm worried of the bacteria there, even though I only run on the treadmill, but then I also shower in their facility and sometimes I just get so paranoid that it's germy... It probably is... I also don't like to sweat when my face looks like a pizza, cuz it looks even worse.

I will keep posting weekly pics of my "progress" haha. Can someone enlighten me how do I create a new entry on my personal blog?

<3 tnx everyone

***the pic was taken today with my make up... It looks so bad... I need a quick fix...***

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That sounds like a lot of wasted money. Well..best of lucks,and i'm pretty sure you will beat acne.

PD: Go to the personal logs forum and just create n topic there and keep upgrading it lol.

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