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How To Remove Oil On My Face At Work

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Dear Acne Professionals,

my face is always very oily at work after I have started working for a few hours and this causes me to break out. I put Garnier moisturizer or Clean and Clear moisturizer on my face and then apply Garnier sunscreen lotion to my face everyday. I heard Clean and Clear film could remove the oil. However, I am wondering if Clean and Clear film will remove my sunscreen lotion too, please advise, many thanks in advance.

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What is made of blotting sheets?

I have just bought Clean and Clear films and felt it is quite costly.

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What those weird blue Clean and Clear ones are made of is a mystery. You can usually find cheaper versions that have a more paper like consistency. If you're concerned about the ingredients, Sephora (and probably other makeup and skincare stores) sells ones that are made of cotton.

If you're concerned about cost, I always found that those brown paper towels you find in public bathrooms work just as well as any blotting sheet. I work at a school, so we have tons of those (not regular white paper towels you buy at the grocery store, the cheap, rough, brown kind. They are strangely bad at drying hands, but GREAT for oil blotting). If you don't work in a place that uses these, I don't know how you get them. But if you can find a source (that isn't sneaking into public bathrooms), then this is the best and cheapest alternative.

And if you ever figure out what that weird blue spongy paper Clean and Clear uses is made out of, do let me know. Did you ever notice these things DON'T absorb water? How strange is that?

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