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Is Marvelon (Contraceptive Pill) Good For Acne?

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Basically I have had a tough time with pills! I was put on microgynon which was AWFUL and broke me out horrendously so i was put on dianette which gave me depression *great* and now I am on cilest and noticing that on my 7 day break my skin actually gets clearer! So i went to doctor and asked whether i could change to a different pill and she suggested marvelon. Has anyone else tried mavelon? Did it help with acne?

Thank you for your help! :)

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Didn't help my acne (as above, didn't hurt it either), and caused me terrible breakthrough bleeding. So - not a fan over here. But, Diane is my fave pill and that didn't work for you, so you never know what will be the right fit.

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Thank you! Such a shame as dianette cleared my acne but the side effects were awful for me but my friend is on it and she is fine. Guess its the luck of the draw! I am hoping it will help and after exams finish my skin will calm down! Hopefully I wont experience break through bleeding, but will have to change back if that happens! Do you know what hormone levels are good for skin? I remember reading somewhere that progesterone is not our friend but others said estrogen isnt either and I thought we were full of that being women and all... Reading the side effects there is no "acne" as mentioned on cilests leaflet. So fingers crossed!

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I was on Marvelon for a few years and my skin was good had a few spots at end of the month but nothing major at all - before I went on it my skin was very bad had been on to roaccurate etc and had tried everything under the sun for it! I had a bad allergic reaction one summer and had to go on dianette for my skin and have been for past 2 years which has been amazing for my skin! as your not allowed to take for longer I'm switching back to mavelon- am on the first month and so far so good - hope mavelon works for you :-)

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