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Near Severe Cystic Acne Problem (Medications Failing?)

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OK Here goes my acne story:

I started getting acne at the age of 14, though at that time it was very less, like 1-2 red bumps on my nose in 2-3 weeks, things continued the same way until the age of 16. At the age of 16 the bumps on my nose getting more prominent and more and more in number. That was the time when pus filled cysts started developing around my nose and started spreading to my forehead and then slowly to my cheeks. And this was the time I started getting very nervous about my acne. Then it simply got worse and worse over time. I became 17, I desperately wanted to solve my acne problem.

So, then I persuaded my mother to take me to a dermatologist. After weeks of persuasion she took me to one. As Soon as he administered my condition he said that I was in immediate need of treatment. He prescribed me Clindamycin Phospate Gel, Tretinoin gel and Erythromycin 500mg tablets(For 6 weeks)

My Regime was:

(In Morning)

1.Wash face with moisturizing face-wash

2.Wear clindamycin phosphate gel on the face

3.Eat one tablet of Erythromycin on empty stomach ( I had to take the tablet regularly for 4 days in a week and then nothing for the next three days and so on)

(In night)

1. Wash face with moisturizing face-wash

2. Wear tretinoin gel

(Derm also suggested me to keep my face mosturized as the meds could make my face dry)

I did like wise and the regime was working pretty well for me. Six weeks passed, my course of erythromycin finished. My progress was average as the cysts had stopped forming on my face and the pimples and bumps also disappeared 75%, but the redness of my face remained the same on my face and specially on my nose. The tiny pimples on my nose were still persistent. My acne had subsided only the concern was my nose and the red scars on my cheeks. Then I re-visited my derm and he said that my progress was good but he also told me another big thing I had ROSACEA on my nose or RHINOPHYMA. He gave me metro gel and told me to continue using tretinoin and clindamycin and increased my clindamycin regime to twice in a day in combination of metro gel on my nose. And told to continue using tretinoin for my acne.

After 3 months my rosacea was under control , but acne came back again on my cheeks and this time the breakout became more persistent. I went to the derm again and this time he prescribed me doxycycline hyclate 100 mg tablets twice a day for 6 months. It is near two months but my acne is getting worse and worse on my cheeks and just above my lips too. I have like 5-6 small and big sized cysts everyday on my face.

Is Doxycycline not working? Will it take more time? Are there other medications to help me with my condition?

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People will sometimes develop resistance to antibiotics especially if they are taken over long periods of time. That could be what has happened to you (which is why it is NEVER a good idea to take antibiotics for acne) Also, for some folks, acne often worsens after antibiotic use (not sure why this happens). At the end of 3 months, go back to your derm to re evaluate your progress. In the meantime, try to exercise, sleep at a consistent time each night for 8 or so hours, reduce your stress by doing what you love, adjusting your diet. Diet does not always work but it is sometime the simplest change people can make:

more water

cut out sugar, processed foods, dairy and maybe gluten

increase intake of veggies, fish and healthier meat choices

Good Luck, you are definitely not alone.

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Hey leelowe1

So, I have developed antibiotic resistance. hmm. . . I had that fear all the time, gosh it sucks. I guess I will need to quit on my doxycycline then.

Ya! I'm doing all the above stated things by you religiously but I think it only works a tiny bit for my acne.

Thanks for the reply!

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Hey Rishav, while reading your post, I actually felt like I was reading my "story" as well. I also started getting acne when I was 14 and it became worse as years passed by. Now I'm 17 and I'm just so DESPERATE to get rid of my acne. But treating my acne was really hard for me since my mom doesnt really understand what I'm going through and it actually took me a lot of time and patience just to convince her to take me to a dermatologist. My acne treatment started last January 23, 2014 and it 2 month to get rid of my active acne. During the first two months(February and March) my dermatologist gave me doxycycline( one capsule, twice a day), epiduo, retinoic acid and hdt cream. It worked out pretty well for me. For the third month (April), I was only using a non-comedogenic sunblock during daytime and retinoic acid at night plus doxycycline which I have to take once a day. However, for the month of May, because my face was already acne-free, my dermatologist only gave me retinoic acid and that sunblock. I was no longer taking any antibiotics (no doxycycline, whatsoever) and that's when I my acne started to come back! I think it really true that when your body has become dependent on antibiotics, your acne would keep on coming back if you have stopped it!

Anyways, I just want to tell you that I know how hard your situation is, but if you want something, like clear skin, etc. You really have to fight for it! So let's be strong and just keep on fighting!

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Hey Rocker165, It was really hard for me too to convince my mom. Argh. . she took it normally. We have almost similar stories.

Yes. I'm using Tretinoin cream at night and Clindamycin Phosphate gel in the morning. But I don't think it works at all. :(

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I ran my course in high school with erythromycin and loved it, then became resistant. Same with a clindamycin gel (awesome stuff); just fizzled out. Doxy and minocycline are for the birds in my opinion for deep acne.

Here's my relationship with tretinoin. Works WONDERS. I have deep nodules, occasional pustules and some weird soft cysts spanning my chin, jawline and neck. Without meds, it's pretty consistent (one heals, 2 pop up, they heal, I'm clear for 2 days, 4 pop up fuuuu**). Has been happening since I was 16 (I swear to GOD the depo shot started this all then). I am 30 now, post two babies. Was clear during pregnancy and breastfeeding (go figure). I take NO hormonal birth control now and won't ever again.

Tretinoin actually works on hormonal activity in your skin, boosting an enzyme that the ever so blessed clear skin folks make an abundance of and we don't. This enzyme keeps testosterone pure and not the trashy free testosterone that supes up our sebum and also converts estrogen to a friendly one, the one that keeps pores tight. Hence less oil. Tretinoin also smooths fine lines after almost a year of CONSISTENT use and will soften any scarring edges and rid you of hyper pigmentation. But, it takes 6 months to really begin fully controlling breakouts and also causes a flare the first few weeks (if you stop for a bit, you WILL flare again).

Here's another awesome topical you can use under makeup, in the evening, or alternate nights with tretinoin. Order some zinc oxide powder, mix it up to a good paste with an oil you tolerate (jojoba, emu or coconut whatever) and slap it on all of your active breakouts. This will suck the inflammation way down and ALSO lowers a crappy hormonal enzyme we unfortunate ones seem to make an abundance of (and studies show people with clear skin don't have this enzyme in high amounts). The zinc oxide will also lessen any scarring left behind as they heal and will heal your wounds WAY faster.

This is a major kick to bad acne on a budget and it's the only stuff that keeps me 100% clear :\ I wish I had the patience as a teen to stick with the tretinoin and could have all of those years back.

I really don't recommend all of these pills or systemic treatments as unless a doc says you actually have a major internal ailment, it's overkill and isn't healthy for the rest of your organs, and it's only a temporary fix anyway!

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