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Acne Scars Are Causing Wrinkles When I Smile =(

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Is there any chance these will go away so that my smile will not make me look so old and ugly? At 22 I would like to feel likeI still have my youth, and not be afraid to smile.

There is still hyperpigmentation, and I am on accutane which might be drying out my skin a bit (although it is oily at the same time). My derm and some people have said that shallow scars sometimes fill in over time.

Do I have any hope that this sunken in wrinkle formation will go away or do I have to resign from life?

Has anyone experienced anything like this and had it return to normal, or almost normal (ie not noticeable)?



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none of us can ...this day and age we are all judge on appearance which sux ...but the way i see it is ...it will weed out people who are most likely no worth your time

on another note if your ever feeling sad go to this site and watch some of these episodes there great if you need a laugh http://www.club-mst3k.com/

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I have those too :( mine are very fine though. When my skin first went through the infection that left me with these scars, I was your age, 22. Now at 25, they have gotten MUCH better! They have reduced so much both in severity and size. Some have gone away altogether. However, I have done a lot of stuff to my face over these past 3 years so i'm thinking all that may have had something to do with it.

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Glad to hear your's got better. Would you say they are virtually unnoticeable?

What have you tried to improve them, and when did you start seeing improvement?

I aquired these about 2-4 months ago, and I cannot really tell if they've gotten any better or not.

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Yep sadly I have them too, and annoyingly only on one side which means my smile is no longer symmetrical. I find it's all about positioning of scars - if I had the exact same scars on my forehead I wouldn't be anywhere near as bothered by them, but on my cheeks they cause all sorts of problems like these. And don't get me started on how it looks under direct sunlight.

After visiting my doctor I'm now extremely confused if shallow scars do tend to go away over time. Some say they only get worse as we age because our skin loses collegen, other's say they smooth over as our skin naturally exfoliates. I have absolutely no idea which one is true, but I sincerely hope it's the latter for all our sake's.

I have also now heard different stories about scars and accutane. I always heard that accutane makes them worse or makes you scar more easily because it messes with your bodies' healing process, so I have been avoiding it like the plague even though I do really need it for my acne. However, my doctor recently said "accutane also breaks down scar tissue so it will solve all your problems" and I just was just like... what? He's only a GP so I don't know how much I can trust him, but boy if he's right I'll be very very happy. I'll be sure to ask my derm if I ever actually get through this waiting list.

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