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I'm using Pangel's benzoyl peroxide 10% for a few months now. I use it once a day before bed and wash in the morning.

I want to change my dosage to twice a day because from morning to night when I don't have bp on my face it gets super oily and acne will follow.

So how do you guys use bp twice a day? At what times do you apply it and when do you wash?

Thanks in advance.

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Maybe change to a lower % of BP because using 10% on your face morning and night will lead to some intense dryness and irritation. I use 2.5% morning and night and it works wonders my face hasnt been this clear in months.

I recommend Paulas Choice BP its honestly that awesome Ive paid extra shipping for it from the USA to the UK. I highly recommend it!

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Thanks Cali and Sky.

Cali what percentage are you using? And do you wash anytime after or do you just let it sit on your face?

Sky I'm not so sure about changing to a lower percentage because I have super oily skin and I've been on accutane before so I have a serious condition which is now under control with BP 10%. What about you? Do you wash your face after applying BP or not? Because it leaves a white pattern all over my face.

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I agree with Sky13, I like PC's BP. I'm using 2.5%, but she also does a 5%, which might be better for you, kambizan. I agree that 10% twice a day would be too drying, especially on the face. PC's BP doesn't leave any whiteness for me. I use it twice a day, and I don't wash it off. I just apply after washing my face morning and night (then I moisturize after BP).

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They've done studies comparing different percentages of BP. Surprisingly enough, not only is 2.5% gentler on your skin, but it's actually more effective at controlling acne:


So if your 10% product is working for you, great, keep it up. But if you start seeing some dryness, redness, or flakiness, maybe try 2.5% instead.

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