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Will Dan's Aha+ Reduce Or Enlarge The Appearance Of Pores?

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So i currently have AHA+ on my face as I'm typing this, and i started to wonder exactly what aha+ does for me, so i searched it up.. Not only did i find that supposedly, it makes your pores bigger, but i already have big pores to begin with! so that would be no good for me! I've been on the regimen, and my skin is the best its ever been. except for pores! my new issue! i FEEL (I'm not sure) as though through the process of being on the regimen, my pores have gotten bigger. Im not sure if they have but that what i feel.. so i was wondering, would aha+ help me reduce the size of my pores, or would they actually make them larger? i literally want to go into the bathroom wash this off this AHA because i don't want to risk having even larger pores :/

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From my experience, having used aha for almost five years now, my pores are much smaller. It even reduced the look of some wrinkles, too. Great product!

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So I've never seen any study that shows that ANY product can affect the size of your pores in any type of long term way (more than a few minutes). Pore size is completely genetic and your pores will always return to that genetic size a few minutes after washing with cold or hot water. Hot opens them and cold shrinks them but they always go back to normal. AHA simply helps keep your pores open by exfoliating the junk out of them. It cannot biologically affect your pore size, it's just an acid. If you noticed a difference in the size of your pores, you're likely comparing them in two different states (like after washing with cold or hot water). Or you're just imagining it, which happens roughly 30% of the time (placebo effect).

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