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Polyester Girl

How On Earth Do You Get Those Hard, Deep Pimples To Go Away?

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I have many pimples but one in particular has been there for maybe 2-3 weeks now and it's really bugging me. I want it gone asap because not only is it unsightly but I can already see it starting to leave a scar the size of the grand canyon. The worst part is, it's in a really noticeable spot, on my cheek a bit under my eye.

I know there's plenty of topics on these sort of pimples and I've read them all and tried everything that has been suggested:

- Hot compress with a warm washcloth for 20+ minutes

- Cold compress using an icepack

- Tea tree oil

- Rubbing alcohol

- BP

- Retin-A

- Long hot showers

- Sticking a disinfected needle in the middle

- Leaving it alone for a good week (no change)

- (Regretfully) trying to pop it as a last resort

- Organised a dermatologist visit but I can't get in until 8 weeks from now

Currently it just feels like a really hard pebble under the skin. It doesn't even feel like it's filled with pus because pus is liquid and this just feels like a solid rock. That's why I think the needle didn't work - it would be like trying to squeeze a triangle through a circle.

Anyway, any new suggestions I haven't tried yet? And if not, will this thing ever go away on it's own? There is no way it's going to come to a head because it seems like a dead pimple, if that makes sense. It doesn't seem active any more because it is no longer painful when I put pressure on it. The only option I can see is it somehow being absorbed into the skin, is that possible?

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I get those from allergic reactions.

Since you tried a lot of things, maybe try calamine lotion at night. Maybe also some ice.

Tea tree works for me, but you need to give it a few days.

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So in case anyone else had this problem or something, just wanted to say that a month later, it seems to have finally pretty much gone. I don't know how, but apparently they do get absorbed into the skin eventually. Bear in mind it was already 3 weeks old when I originally posted this, so I guess they take about 2 months to completely disappear just with the normal cleansing routine and all that stuff I tried in between. Also, thanks WishClean, I did try the lotion and ice and it sort of made it less noticeable on the outside, which was nice, but it was still always under the skin when I stretched it or touched it, and not going anywhere any time soon. I guess the only real cure is time.

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