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Long Term Tetracycline

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I started taking tetracycline in 2010 for about 8 months. I had terrible acne at the start of it and although the antibiotics upset my stomach, my acne was completely gone at the end of 8 months. Then about 8-9 months later it returned, though not as bad. I went back on the same antibiotics but I don't think they had any effect on my skin. I kept getting spots and the only way they went away was because I applied topical gels to those areas.

I was on the second course for 2 years and I have decided to stop taking them because 1, I don't think they're doing any good and 2, I was worried about the long-term damage they could do.


1. Does anyone know why tetracycline didn't have any positive effect on me the second time around?

2. Should I be taking probiotics to improve my gut?

3. Is it possible I have candida or a yeast infection since I keep getting spots?

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Bacteria can adapt to antibiotics so that's probably why the drug didn't work the second time

Definitely look into probiotics

Before assuming you have Candida, try eliminating some of the more problematic foods for people with acne such as dairy and gluten

Good Luck

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Thanks for the reply Lee. I am currently on a low gluten diet and avoid diary at all times. I think the real trigger for my acne, which is mainly around my chin, is sugar. I can stay off sugar for a while due to sheer will power and my skin clears up, but as soon as I do eat some sugar my skin reverts right back to the way it was before in less than 2 days, no matter how long I've been off sugar.

Do you know if there is anything I can do to kill or at least reduce whatever it is inside me that goes crazy when I consume sugar?

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With sugar, its best to get rid of it altogether making it a once in a while treat. Do you have the same reaction with sugar from fruits? agave nectar? In my opinion, it would be worth giving up processed sugar altogether if it means having clear skin. If i knew what food was causing my acne, i would give it up in a heartbeat

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I sort of agree, but do you really want to limit yourself your whole life? Wouldn't it be better to find out whats really causing it instead of just avoiding sugar for a temporary fix. As soon as I eat sugar, it comes right back for me. The question then becomes, why is sugar producing that response and what can be done to stop that when consuming sugar.

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