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hi there(:

this is my first post so please don't bite!

this is the best my acne has been in a while, but still makes me suffer from insecurity & low self esteem. I hate putting on makeup everyday & I hate the stares and comments.. I need to do something before summer ends.

My face is primarily red flat marks, left behind from previous pimples & nodules. The rest is just acne & pimples.

I use a salicylic acid cleanser, (neutrogena deep clean). I use it at night only, twice a day makes my face horribly irritated regardless of how much moisturizer I use.

After I cleanse, I put on olive oil as a moisturizer, and then dab tea tree oil onto my problem spots.

Yet my skin has made little to no improvement. Any suggestions? Tips?

ps. I had to scribble out my eyes for privacy reasons(:post-400391-0-83464600-1401584420_thumb.post-400391-0-42959200-1401584399_thumb.post-400391-0-35402300-1401584375_thumb.




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Yes, don't wear make up because your acne will be worst if you put make up on it. Outside look is not important if you have a good heart and attitude. Having a good character is the best for a woman. Be confident because you are beautiful. You can also treat your acne at home by using lemon juice as an acne remedy. Cut a lemon in half and gently rub the open-side of the lemon onto the acne. Then wash it or wipe it off.

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Most of your issue seems to be red marks and some inflamed acne. Just to let you know, olive oil for many can clog pores so be aware. How's your diet (with such inflammation, it may be worth looking into diet changes)>

If you consume dairy or gluten i would recommend cutting it out for 3 months to see if it helps with inflammation. Red marks won't heal if you keep breaking out in the same areas over and over again. Also increase veggie intake ten fold so add veggies to every meal and drink green smoothies/juices. Also cut back on sugar. Since your acne seems inflamed, BP may be a better bet to quell inflammation as SA only unclogs pores which helps acne somewhat but can be more beneficial for non inflamed acne

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hi welcome to the forum. congrats on your first post. it's hard for me to see the detail in the pics - they look low resolution.

from what i can see, i agree with leelowe - looks like some inflamed spots. since you're already using salac, have you ever tried to see a dermatologist? (easier said than done, i know.)

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hey guys ! thanks for the feedback(: yeah the pics are a bit blurry you just have to click on them to see the actual picture.

I haven't seen a dermatologist, since the ones in my area aren't that professional or trustworthy. But I'll give it a try - thanks(:

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No problem. i wouldn't put all your hopes in a derm as they tend to just want to prescribe a topical and antibiotic and call it a day. At worse, they want you to hop on accutane without trying anything else.

I would seriously recommend trying something as simple as diet changes before something as harsh as accutane. I wish when i first started getting acne i had done that.

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Hey there! I just wanted to agree with what leelowe1 said. I was really excited to see the derm but mine did exactly what leelowe1 said: prescribed a topical and antibiotic. Taking antibiotics is probably my biggest regret right now, and when I went off of them my acne was just like yours. I agree also that dietary changes might be beneficial for you (my skin is always at its best when I go back to uni and have meager meals of only raw veggies).

You mentioned that you use neutrogena deep clean cleanser. Interestingly, when my acne was like yours, I was using the same one because it used to work really well for me. After a while though I think my skin was no longer able to tolerate the harshness so it might've been causing more inflammation! So I switched to a gentle cleanser for sensitive skin like SpectroJel (unfortunately still full of chemicals, but I think it helps that it's not as harsh).

I kept the anti-inflammatory/benzoyl peroxide combo topical my doctor prescribed me (Tactuo or Epiduo) because I think it was really helping to calm down the inflammation. Also unfortunate, considering it is yet another bag of synthetic chemicals, but my skin really does get worse when I stop using it.

I also agree with what leelowe1 said about oils. I'm always tempted to try the oil cleansing method because it seems like a miracle cure for a lot of people, but then I saw a post in the forums about how it irreparably and severely inflamed someone's face! So I say that some lucky people must have a very unforgiving skin type made for miracle cures.

Lastly, are you taking any supplements? My eye doctor told me to take two fish oil pills a day to quell my inflammatory eye issues. I started noticing a big difference even in my skin after taking them. But I understand that they're also not for everyone if they cause more breakouts. I also take these herbal blood purifiers that are specifically designed for skin disorders, which help quite a bit I believe.

So in summary I calmed, but not cleared, my skin with dietary modifications, NATURAL supplements (seriously I detest the derms for their willingness to hand out antibiotics), the BP topical, and being gentler with my skin. (PS I apologize for the length of my post!!)

Something I forgot to add was that I used to have a subconscious picking problem, which resulted in huge, perpetual red marks. When I was watching tv, talking to someone, even painting (gah the horror), I would pick anything on my face because the unevenness and roughness would draw me into a vicious cycle. I don't know if you have this issue, but I thought I would mention it just in case!

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Guest GetMeTheResults

It all depends on who you ask :)

I don't think it's bad, because my skin is far worse! But for someone who's been on accutane or has always had clear skin, the answer might be different.

I hate make up too, but I'm slowly trying to make myself get used to working with it... If it's not quality makeup it'll make things look worse than a mere tinted moisturizer, but if the product suits your skin then it will only enhance your beauty :) You're a pretty girl, so don't get discouraged to experiment with different brands and colors until you find the perfect match!

About your regimen.. I've always found the retinoids to be extremely helpful (adapalene, retin-A, etc.) because they prevent your pores from getting clogged, and I think that a benzoyl peroxide base is crucial as an anti-bacterial agent to prevent bacteria build up. I've actually been using that combination for 8-9 years, until I experienced a crazy hormonal break out/bad reaction due to change of skin care products and now I am here on this website!

Obviously, you need a dermatologist to get all the good high-grade retinoids/benzoyl peroxide gels/creams :) I also don't think there is anything wrong with getting on an anti-biotic for a short period of time for an extra boost in the beginning of your treatment! I am on my 2nd month on a low dosage just to suppress the inflammation and I am finally starting to see the results :)

What you can do on your own is prevent the oil build up by trying different washes that dry out your skin a little and focus on those which are specifically made for acne prone skin. Then you can get some supplements for your hair, skin and nails, like Biotin. There are a lot of supplements nowadays just for the skin, but they're a little more pricey. The oil cleansing method is a touchy topic for me, because I have a really oily acne-prone skin and I am concerned that it'd break me out, so Ive only used tea tree oil for spot treatment in the past. Unfortunately, I couldnt stand the smell so I threw it out :( ....

I've found out that a really good wash or two and prescription medication works wonders. You should also consider birth control pill. Many women have hormonal flares up from their 20s and on, so it might not be a bad idea to give a couple of brands a chance, like Ortho Tri-Cycline or Yaz.

I am not going to tell you to eat healthy, but I am also not condoning junk food. I have the feeling that in our health-conscious society anyone with bad skin would try to eat healthier first as it is the easiest and cheapest "treatment". I personally don't believe that food has a greater impact on our skin than our genetic predisposition.

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No problem. i wouldn't put all your hopes in a derm as they tend to just want to prescribe a topical and antibiotic and call it a day. At worse, they want you to hop on accutane without trying anything else.

I would seriously recommend trying something as simple as diet changes before something as harsh as accutane. I wish when i first started getting acne i had done that.

This is so true! My derm wants to be me on accutane again! 4th time!

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