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I saw a post about Epsom Salt awhile back and thought I should try it, so I tried it and it worked great for about the first 2 weeks I mix it with a 2.0% salicylic acid treatment from Avon. I have been eating terrible like tons of junk food, ice cream etc. which I usually don't eat at all that could be the reason why it hasn't been working as good but that's the point am I supposed to use the Epsom Salt everyday should I do something different like wash my face one day then wash it with the Epsom salt the next day? I do avoid foods but haven't been since starting Epsom Salt, the foods I avoid are dairy, spicy, fast food, greasy food, sugary foods. I'm going to keep trying the Epsom salt along with eating a little bit better and see if it'll work still. The face wash that I use works great but it stops as well as the Epsom Salt so any advice would be great I really hate to try new things honestly, I really hate it....

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Its best to just take a nice hot bath in it for 20-30 mins a couple times a week. Or you can pour some epsom salt In a bowl and add some hot water, soak a clean wash cloth in it, ring it out and drape it over your face. Do that a few times. Then just apply your regular face products. You can also do the wash cloth thing in the tub. That's what I use to do and it works pretty good.

Hope this helps

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